Know the right time to post

Have you ever wondered when you should be sharing your content on the social web?
iPromote helps you to find the best times to post to social media: Plan, Create, Publish & Share. Use iPromote to get notifications as a reminder when to share.

Your visitors and followers prefer using social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares, but you’ll also notice an increase in traffic.

So, when should you be sharing your content? iPromote is designed to help you to find the right time.

Key Features:
▷ Plan the best times to post
▷ Use multiple timezones
▷ Create reminders
▷ Manage and schedule your own notifications
▷ Use your own colors
▷ Easy to create your soundbites!
▷ Easy to share!
▷ Real-time history log to monitor your promotion’s exposure!
▷ Generate leads!

iPromote is also available on your Apple Watch:
▷List of timezones with current time and best time indicator
▷Glance with best time indicator in your local and favourite timezone
▷Watch Faces
▷Time travel

Managing your business's social media accounts can be daunting: from tweaking tweet lengths to mastering Facebook tone, to using the right hashtags at the right times.

But what savvy social media users know is that there's a science to getting it right—if you follow certain parameters, you’re almost guaranteed to get the results you were working toward. All it takes is some knowledge and forethought, and anyone can be well on their way to posting engaging content.

iPromote contains the best times for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest according to the infographic at quicksprout.com: 'What are the best times to post on social media? ".

It’s timing nuances like these that make finding the perfect times to post even harder.

That is why we have added timezones in iPromote. In each timezone you can see if it is the best time to post to social media.

You can add as many timezones as you like.

Use iPromote to create soundbites with links to your content and share it on social media at the right time.

Not only are soundbites easy to recognize, they’re also easy to remember, easy-to-share, and they stand out in the sea of words found online.

Soundbites don’t happen on accident.

With iPromote you can save and test your soundbites on your iPhone or iPad. You can post it to social media at any time you want.

Whether you are a small business owner, app developer, marketing guru or entrepreneur, iPromote makes publicizing your products a breeze!

iPromote - find the best times to post to social media